The proof of the authenticity of the meteorites used in Pallasit jewelry is a pattern on their surface - Widmannstätten structures. They become visible during the etching of the polished surface of iron meteorite with special solutions and appear due to the peculiarities of the material's crystal structure. Widmannstätten figures emerge as a result of very slow cooling during the crystallization of the molten initially homogeneous iron-nickel phase.

Our company specializes in meteorite hunting and has been collecting meteorites for over 23 years. We know where to get meteorites for Pallasit products. We value our name and reputation. Most of the meteorites presented on the website were found by us or with our participation. We really appreciate and respect the visitors of our site. We are passionate about meteorites and we put our hearts and souls into the job we do. We fully guarantee the authenticity of every meteorite specimen used in our products.

We offer a certificate of authenticity from the company Pallasit, free of charge, signed by and stamped with the seal of sole proprietor Dmitry Kachalin, geologist-geochemist of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, a member of the regional public organization aimed at promoting meteoritics Русское Общество Любителей Метеоритики РОЛМ (Russian Meteorite Fans Society), a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association IMCA # 5147.

We are also willing to assist in acquring an additional verification certificate issued by a third party. Third-party certificates are provided at an extra charge. A certificate issued by РОЛМ is 600 rubles. If we order such a document, the delivery is paid by the customer.